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The 12 finalists for Miss Nederland 2015, 1 will be crowned….

On sunday march 1st the 12 finalists for the Miss Nederland 2015 pageant were selected at Studio 21 at Hilversum. There were 100 girls invited to come to Hilversum. After the first round of competition with

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10 Questions for…. Hester Winkel

In 2010 the Miss Nederland pageant was a huge succes with 12 great and beautiful candidates. One of those candidates was the blond bombshell Hester Winkel who at the time of the pageant also had her

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10 Questions for…. Tatjana Maul

In the last 5 years of the Miss World pageant the Netherlands have had 3 semi-finalist. Last year Jacqueline Steenbeek  won, besides being a top 15 semi-finalist, the sports fast track. it was for the first

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